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1. Love my two new piercings. I believe I paid $35 for the actual piercing on the flat part of my ear, and they put in the stainless steel earring that I had brought. I also got a piercing on my ear lobe as well which was painless. It was $25

2. I got my first tattoo here almost 7 years ago and it still looks great.

I’ve also gotten 6 ear piercings done here (everything from lobes, conch, rook,

3. The Asian lady running the shop is a blessing. She helped my friend and I run around St. Marks looking for an ATM that worked, since they are cash only. She really was so sweet and helpful. However, as for the tall guy covered with

4. I got my septum piercing done here. The price was reasonable and they were very quick. I must have spent a total of fifteen minutes in the store but it didn’t even feel like it was rushed or unsafe. The only reason I’m giving four stars is because I wasn’t given any resources on piercing after care

5. Had wonderful piercing experiences with both Jeff and Tino, separately. Clean, transparent, affordable, done with love and care. I think it’s gonna be my spot forever 😁

6. Do not go here. Two of my friends got rook piercings here and both ended up getting them removed three days later by a more professional place. His placing was terrible and did it way too slow.

7. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
The guy who gave me tattoo was named Oscar. He claimed to have years of tattoo experience but it’s all a lie. He is terrible and he took over an hour to get ready for a simple tattoo because he has a simple mind. He ruined my tattoo and I

8. The best!! Hands down. Been going there forever. Tino is the best piercer around, I won’t go to anyone else.

9. Got my nose stud changed out to a hoop here today. I called ahead to check the price and was told $15, which is what I paid (it’s cash only). The piercer was really helpful and told me that the jewelry that was put in when I had it pierced

10. Small chill vibe tattoo parlor. If you want any piercing done professionally and comfortably, Tino is the man! It is 2021, Man has been piercing for 19 years and I’ve recommended many people to him, none have complaints. Super friendly down to earth guy. Since 14 years of age and now 24 still going to him. Tino will not let you down!