Regency Cafe

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1:La experiencia es única, quizás sea la cafetería más típica de Londres para desayunar. Por 6-9£ puedes disfrutar de un desayuno tradicional. Se puede pagar en efectivo y con tarjeta (al parecer antes sólo se podía efectivo). El lugar es frecuentado por locales principalmente, aunque siempre hay algún turista que ha oído hablar de esta cafetería. La calidad de la comida es buena, al igual que la atención recibida. Pides, pagas, te dan el café, coges los cubiertos y buscas una mesa. Cuando tu pedido esté listo, el hombre o la mujer que te han atendido te llamará por tu nombre o por la comanda para que la recojas.

2:I wanted to get a traditional English breakfast during my very first visit to London last week, and stumbled upon this place while searching online for a place not touristy and ridiculously priced, and I’m glad I did. Regency has the same atmosphere as a local diner in the US; nothing fancy, pretty simple cafe with friendly staff, good food and good prices. I went on a weekday around 10am, and there was no line to get in, and service was pretty fast. I got the set breakfast deal with black pudding and bubble & squeak. I loved everything except black pudding, but that’s probably normal because black pudding is a uniquely weird delicacy 🙂 I would definitely recommend Regency if you’re looking for a simple, traditional English breakfast in a friendly atmosphere where you’re not being ripped off as a tourist especially!

3:English breakfast is a definitely one of the must-try dishes when people visit UK. Regency Cafe, which was awarded the Top 5 restaurants in London by Yelp, serves authentic style with super reasonable price. We had their Set Breakfast Deal (£6.5) with extra Black Puddings, Bubble & Squeak and Hash Browns to share with a group of two. The portion is more than enough and we couldn’t even finish the toasts in the set. The food exceeded our expectations and was amazingly good, especially the beans which was creamy & the hush browns which was crispy. Friends told us the taste of black puddings are really scary, but their’s were fine for us. The decor & ambiance is really cool with vintage style and it’s also a popular spot for fashion magazine & Instagram photos.

4:Just £6.75 for a set British breakfast! A rule: line up to order then take a seat and wait for your food. Always long queue outside the cafe. I love the atmosphere there, simple and good quality.

5:Good authentic English breakfast! It taste so much better than hotel breakfast that I have stayed. If you are a tourist like me, worth to visit!